Streamline portfolio construction and rebalancing

Advent Genesis is a highly scalable, cloud-based portfolio construction and rebalancing solution enabling portfolio managers to manage models, rebalance accounts, manage portfolio “drift”, and adjust strategies more quickly and efficiently. Together with Moxy, firms benefit from seamless path from trading decisions to trade creation and execution.

Whether your firm manages institutional assets, individual wealth, or a combination of the two, Genesis closes workflow gaps between the order creation process and trading, driving greater efficiency and reducing operational risk. It also offers the flexibility and scalability to accommodate account growth, as well as expansion into new markets, new regions, and new lines of business.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for offline workarounds
  • Cloud-based portfolio construction and rebalancing
  • Dashboard-actionable information, including cash obligations, accounts to rebalance, and portfolio drift
  • Streamline rebalancing against models, from straightforward to very complex models and sleeve structures
  • Exception-based workflows
  • Rebalance up to 1000 accounts per minute
  • Multi-currency/multi-asset class
With Advent Genesis, we are able to double or triple our accounts without increasing the time we’ll spend on rebalancing or trade generation.
Glen Pichanick, AVP Trading
Lincluden Investment Management

Focus your efforts

Comprehensive dashboards promote exceptions and status updates around strategy and model level drift and cash activity, with the ability to easily drill into more details.

Get the full view

Management views allow you to structure the appropriate oversight and controls, and easily review proposed trades across your book of business prior to approving them for execution.

Advent Genesis

Complementary Solutions

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With Advent Outsourcing Services, you have the flexibility of customizing solutions and services to your needs.

Advent Portfolio Exchange

APX provides one central, scalable platform for all your portfolio, relationship, and prospect data.

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Advent Rules Manager is a comprehensive solution for pre- and post-trading compliance, eliminating manual labor and improving accuracy.


Moxy® is proven to improve operational efficiency with a seamless workflow from portfolio modeling through to trade creation, execution, confirmation, allocation and settlement.

Streamline portfolio construction and rebalancing

Enjoy a seamless path from trading decisions through to trade creation and execution, with Advent Genesis®: a state of the art, cloud-based portfolio construction and rebalancing platform.


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